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About CEA Instruments, Inc.

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A bit on who we are...

CEA Instruments has been a leading supplier of hazardous gas detection instrumentation since 1972. Numerous units are available for monitoring over 200 different toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen levels as pocket-size, portable, or wall mounted systems in single and multichannel configurations for almost every application.

Our 'Complete Family of Gas Monitors' include portable and wall mounted Infrared analyzers, leak detectors, landfill monitors, flue gas analyzers, IAQ monitors and much more!

CEA Instruments provides complete customer care with full service, calibration, and repair facilities on site. We offer a wide variety of calibration kits and disposable gas cylinders.

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Our analyzers, detectors, and sensors are available for a wide variety of gases, including:

Acetylene, C2H2 Chlorine Dioxide, ClO2 Hydrocarbons Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2
Alcohol Vapors Combustibles Hydrogen, H2 Nitrous Oxide, N2O
Ammonia, NH3 Diesel / Gas Vapors Hydrogen Chloride, HCl Oxygen, O2
Arsine, AsH3 Ethylene, C2H4 Hydrogen Cyanide, HCN Ozone, O3
Bromine, Br2 Ethylene Oxide, EtO Hydrogen Fluoride, HF Pentane, C6H12
Butane, C4H10 Fluorine, F2 Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S Phosgene, COCl2
Carbon Dioxide, CO2 Freons Jet Fuel Phosphine, PH3
Carbon Monoxide, CO Formaldehyde, HCHO Methane, CH4 Sulfur Dioxide, SO2
Chlorine, Cl2 Hexane, C6H14 Nitric Oxide, NO Sulfur Hexafluoride, SF6

If you don't see what you need, just ask...there are many other gases available.

CEA Instruments, Inc. ..."Experts in Toxic Gas Detection since 1972!"

CEA Instruments, Inc.
160 Tillman Street
Westwood, NJ 07675
United States of America
Phone: (201) 967-5660
Fax: (201) 967-8450

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